Nina Tupper

Nina Tupper

Nina Tupper - Erasmus Mundus PhD Student


  • Tupper, N., Sauerland, M., Hope, L., & Merckelbach, H. (2015). Seeing and believing: Common courtroom myths in eyewitness memory. In-Mind Magazine, 28.


  • Tupper, N., Sauerland, M., Sauer, J., Broers, N., Charman, S., & Hope, L. (2016). Eyewitness identification for multiple perpetrator crime: Testing for sequential effects in multiple identification decisions. Presentation at the annual meeting of the American Psychology and Law Society Conference (AP-LS), Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Tupper, N., (2016). Eyewitnesses and multi-perpetrator crime: Memory and decisions in the face of multiple identifications. Presentation at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience Research Day, Lustrum 20th Anniversary, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.


  • The European Association of Psychology and Law 2015 Best Poster Award
  • AP-LS 2016 grant to attend Continuing Education Workshop: Testifying and Consulting as an Expert in Eyewitness Identification Cases.
  • 2016 41 AP-LS Grants-in-Aid for Students

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