The Self-Administered interview, or SAIĀ©, is a powerful investigative tool that can be used to quickly and efficiently elicit comprehensive initial statements from witnesses. It takes the form of a standardised protocol of clear instructions and questions that enable witnesses to provide their own statement, and is therefore ideal for use when restricted resources mean that a traditional interview is not possible. 

Scientific tests of the SAI have shown that it elicits significantly more accurate and detailed information than a free-recall request. Completing an SAI also strengthens witness memory, meaning that witnesses are protected against forgetting, and against exposure to potentially distorting post-event information. The SAI can add value to any incident investigation, from police or medical incidents, to industrial accidents and insurance investigations. Live trials with police forces have proven the SAI can facilitate an investigation by obtaining critical information quickly and effectively.

For more information about the research underpinning the SAIĀ© read our published research articles:

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For a review see:

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For a legal perspective see:

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