Teaching Activities

Teaching and Supervision


BSc and MSc Teaching Activities


  • BSc Forensic Psychology Unit Co-ordinator: Psychology of Investigations (2012-)
  • BSc Psychology Unit Co-ordinator: Persuasion & Influence (2007-12)
  • BSc Psychology Unit Co-ordinator: Psychology and the CJS (2004-6)
  • BSc ‘With Psychology’ Unit Co-ordinator: Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
  • BSc Forensic Psychology Unit Co-ordinator: Forensic Psychology in Context II
  • MSc Forensic Psychology Unit Co-ordinator: Psychology and the Legal Process (2004-09)
  • BSc Psychology/Forensic Psychology Thesis Supervision
  • MSc Forensic Psychology Thesis Supervision
  • Ad hoc lectures on memory and decision making for Cognitive Psychology and other core units


Doctoral Supervision



  • A. Clark: Regulating and reporting in memory: The case of omissions
  • J. Rechdan: The role of social influence on memory performance
  • N. Tupper: Multiple-perpetrator crimes: addressing the challenges for identification procedures
  • H. Deeb: The role of question order in detecting deceit
  • R. Guerts: Separating genuine threats from bluffs
  • S. Portnoy: Alibis and the regulation of memory
  • C. Hudson: Recall consistency across multiple interviews
  • A. Harvey: Memory regulation strategies in deception
  • J. Dunleavy: Evaluating novel eyewitness identification techniques for child witnesses
  • G. Dalton: Enhanced interviewing for verbal descriptions
  • I. Boscovic: The verifiability approach to symptoms
  • I. Tache: Eliciting Information and Detecting Deception in Cross-Cultural Interviews
  • F. Kontogianni: Information elicitation in intelligence gathering contexts





  • A. Millen: Eye Movements during concealed face recognition (Graduated 2015; supervisory lead UoP)
  • G. Lancaster: The effects of dual-task interviews on cognitive load and cues to deception (Graduated 2012; supervisory team)
  • S. Jundi: Detecting Deception in Interview Settings: Devising undercover and collective interviewing techniques (Graduated 2014; supervisory team)

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