Ongoing Research

Opportunity to take part in research running online during June-August 2020


Can you hide the truth?



We would like to invite you to participate in our study, investigating how people perform in online job interviews when providing truthful information and when attempting to conceal information.


What will you be asked to do?


If you agree to take part you will be put in the role of a job candidate who is applying for their dream job. Your goal is to impress the interviewer and perform well in the online interview. You will be provided with a list of topics that will be covered in the interivew - and will be instructed to pick one to be deceptive about when asked about it during your interview.


At the end of the interview you will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your interview experience.


The list of topics provided for you to choose from to be deceptive about are minor self-disclosure topics such as use of intoxicating substances (alcohol/tobacco) or avoiding a meeting with a friend. The topic you choose can be something you have or have not done but feel comfortable being able to formulate deceptive responses about.


How long will it take?


The interview should take around 45 minutes and will be conducted online (full links/logins will be provided).



Participation is entirely voluntary. Participants must be aged 18+ and comfortable with providing deceptive responses to questions.


Upon completion of the study you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher.



For more information about taking part in this research, please email Alice at



This research is being conducted by Alice Bennett as part of the requirements for a MSc Forensic Psychology (Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth), currently supervised by Lorraine Hope.



The HAC Lab is led by Professor Lorraine Hope who has been based in the Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth since 2004. Read more here

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